Limited Editions
60 metres
Delivered in 2023

Project WITCHCRAFT is an Amels 60 Limited Editions that will be delivered to her Owner spring 2023. The Amels 60 with hybrid power and propulsion technology has an Espen Øino exterior design. The Owner was represented in the sale by Moran Yacht & Ship, who are also supervising the build. Together with the Moran Yacht & Ship team, the Owner has been closely involved in customizing the yacht to their personal requirements, including their own choice of interior designer.

Sean Moran

Moran Yacht & Ship

‘We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team at Amels for their assistance in the sale of Project WITCHCRAFT and we look forward to working with them throughout the build.’

Amels Limited Editions range

Project WITCHCRAFT is an Amels 60 from our Limited Editions range. Our premium semi-custom yachts offer fast delivery with top quality proven technical platforms.

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