Limited Editions
67.6 metres
Delivered in 2019

Grand traditions

NENINKA’s design captures the grand tradition of luxury yachting with modern classical lines that never go out of style. Based on previous Amels 212 deliveries from the Limited Editions range, NENINKA adds a new stretched evolution to the elegance set by her siblings.


Paul Bickley

build captain

‘The morale here amongst the workers and contractors is one of the best I’ve seen. I notice a real dedication and that funnels through to the crew as well. Everything is done with passion. It’s neat, it’s clean. For me it gives a huge amount of confidence that we are building the best boat we can.’

Amels Limited Editions range

NENINKA is an Amels 220 from our Limited Editions range. Our premium semi-custom yachts offer fast delivery with top quality proven technical platforms.

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