Arrival of the Amels 8001 in Vlissingen

27 November 2023
Arrival of the Amels 8001 in Vlissingen

Today, the Netherlands welcomed the first Amels 80 for outfitting at our Vlissingen shipyard, set to be her new home until completion in 2025. The Amels 8001 was launched from her build facility in Galati, Romania, on 27th September 2023 and was towed to the Netherlands for outfitting.

Measuring 80 metres in length, this Amels 80 is the first of the most recent designs to evolve from our Amels Limited Editions range. In keeping with the Amels DNA, designer Espen Øino created a holistic and modern exterior design.

The esteemed Owner has opted for a tailor-made interior, collaborating with the talented Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design to bring the Amels 8001 to life in a spectacular way. With a unique colour palette and natural materials, Sean Bianchi, partner at Burgess, predicts the Amels 80 to be one of the standout yachts entering operation in 2025, pushing the boundaries of our Limited Editions series to the maximum.

At Damen Yachting, our legacy of perfecting Limited Editions superyachts reaches new heights with the Amels 80.

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