First Amels 60 Unveiled

1 March 2022

In a landmark moment for both Owner and builder, the first Amels 60 has been unveiled. As she headed outside for the very first time since arriving at our shipyard in Vlissingen last summer, there was a unique opportunity to catch a first glimpse of this brand new, next generation 60-metre Amels Limited Editions featuring exterior design by Espen Øino. This debut appearance comes ahead of her official launch and delivery scheduled for later this Spring.   

 “A new era has dawned on our Amels Limited Editions. The proven platform and Amels pedigree our Owners expect – shaped for the future. This is an incredible moment not only for the Owner and his team, but for everyone who has been involved in bringing the Amels 60 to life. The next generation starts here. A star has emerged.” Managing Director Rose Damen. 

Discover Amels 60

Distinctive lines and geometric shaping 

As Amels 6001 made her way out of the dry dock at the heart of our new build yacht operations, onlookers (both physical and those who joined the online streaming event providing real-time coverage as she emerged into the open air) were treated to a first look at just why this 60-metre Amels Limited Editions is already considered a star.

The distinctive lines and geometric shaping of her timeless Espen Øino exterior design are perfectly complimented by her unique and Owner-specified custom colour scheme. Her standout metallic Pebble Grey hull with Matterhorn White and Super Jet Black superstructure was made all the more beautiful as daylight hit the stunning paint scheme for the first time.  

“The Amels 60 is the first Limited Editions design we are involved with and it has been a fascinating journey thus far. The design process is somewhat different, as one is designing not for an individual client but rather for a group of potential clients, so a proper market research as to what this target group is looking for is fundamental for the success of the project as a whole. Considering that five Amels 60s have already been sold prior to launching the first vessel, this is a testimony to Amels and their in depth research from which the design found its inspiration. As a design studio, having worked mostly with custom designed yachts, we are very enthusiastic and proud to be part of this very exciting programme.” Exterior Designer Espen Øino. 

Built for the future 

Amels 6001 is a superyacht designed and built for the future. She features hybrid power and propulsion technology and the overall design focuses on the onboard user experience. There is an emphasis on space throughout with the large Sun Deck, Swim Platform and folding Owners Suite balcony and generous interior volume of 830 GT. There is even space for a 9-metre luxury tender to be stowed on the foredeck. And it is the custom interiors by Winch Design which bring this clever provision of space together. 

“The harmonious custom interiors capture the feel and style of a relaxed family home on the water, promoting a ‘calm atmosphere and involuntary relaxation’. For the most part, we have used pure and natural materials to emphasise the relaxed ‘home at the beach’ spirit of the interior. However, we have also added layers of surface interest to materials such as stones and timbers to create unique and tactile finishes.” Jim Dixon, Director Yachts & Aviation, Winch Design.   


This first Amels 60 originally arrived in Vlissingen in July 2021 for the outfitting phase. Since then a team of 100s of craftsmen and women have been involved in transforming this first hull of a new generation of Limited Editions, into the stunning superyacht she has become today. 

Milestone moments like these are always special for every project but it’s no surprise that this one carries an extra element of pride and excitement for the entire team at Damen Yachting. This is the first ever Amels 60 to emerge from the build shed, the first of a new Amels Limited Editions series and the first of more to come! She is a beautiful yacht and a wonderful first impression of the new Amels design. Her metallic hull is remarkable and it’s amazing to see how it works with the design, especially now that she is out in the daylight.  It’s not just the exceptional colour, it’s the way it changes with the light and angle.”  Project Manager Joppe Osté. 

This Amels 60 was introduced in 2019 and redefines the look of Damen Yachting’s hugely successful Limited Editions range. The market reception to this new generation Amels Limited Editions has proved strong with the sale of the fifth hull from the design confirmed in the last quarter of 2021.  

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