Evolution is in our DNA

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Amels 80

What makes the real difference is that this is a build at the heart of which are the people. Each of whom bring their own experience, own evolution in their craft and their own story. The people who each write a chapter or a verse in this evolutionary journey. Ultimately shaping the Amels 80 into the yacht she will become.

Heritage, legacy, adaptability and innovation.  

Four pillars which form the heart of the Amels DNA. Four defining attributes that have proudly paved the way for our next generation of Amels Limited Editions. Characteristics which have evolved together over time. Learning from continuous improvement, thriving on decades of experience, celebrating pioneering success and refining the craft in every sense of the word. Qualities which have joined forces to define the very nature of the Amels 80.  

Proof that evolution is in our DNA. 

As the Amels 80 now moves into the next phase of her build, evolving from concept to reality, we will be taking a look deep into the DNA that flows through this next generation 80-metre Amels Limited Editions. 

Rose Damen

Managing Director

"From the moment the Amels 80 arrives in Vlissingen, the story of her DNA begins. It's when our heritage truly comes to life. Welcomed with the sense of tradition and craftsmanship that defines every Amels. The moment when the yacht becomes more than a vessel. The point in time that reminds us that evolution isn't just in our nature. It's an ongoing journey where heritage and nature coexist. It is a celebration of the past, a tribute to the present, and a promise to the future."

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