Amels 80 Introduced in Global Launch

5 April 2022

In an online launch like no other, the Amels 80 has made her industry debut. Amels clients and fans from around the globe tuned in live to watch the official introduction of our brand new classic 80-metre Amels Limited Editions yacht which is available for delivery as of Spring 2025.

Spectacular live, virtual launch in Amsterdam

The event, which took place in Amsterdam, saw the impressive 1:10 scale model (8-metres) of the Amels 80 form the backdrop to a spectacular live, virtual launch held in the Amsterdam Theatre. In the theatre’s impressive 4200m2 Auditorium, the Amels 80 was unveiled through a unique and beautifully choreographed performance combining modern dance with state-of-the-art video mapping and technology. The first launch of its kind marking an unforgettable date in the history of Amels and their Limited Editions legacy.

The launch was shared with tens of thousands of viewers who experienced a first look at this future proof yacht which will be built with sustainable materials and leveraging the most suitable and innovative hybrid technology available today. A modern and dynamic superyacht resulting from two years of dedicated rigorous detailed design and engineering by Damen Yachting’s team of naval architects.

Rose Damen


“The introduction of the Amels 80 will go down as a very special moment in the history of our Amels Limited Editions legacy. An incredibly proud milestone for all of those who have been involved in the journey of the Amels 80 so far. The event itself was remarkable and very fitting for such a special yacht which represents a shift in how we interact and grow with nature.” 

Exterior – stellar creativity and passion for detail

The exterior design of this 80-metre Amels Limited Editions is the work of Exterior Designer and Naval Architect Espen Øino. A trusted Amels collaborator who has underpinned his enviable reputation with stellar creativity and passion for detail together with his Monaco-based team. In the Amels 80, he has penned a design where nature’s timeless beauty meets the hard-earned Amels reputation for quality.

“The Amels 80 is a design that will not age. Her modern strong lines will look as good in 10 years as the day she departs the yard. She is a big ship, full of features, with an impressive interior volume at 2,175 Gross Tonnage. She is everything and more that you will expect from an 80-metre yacht. There is a sense of scale, but nothing is wasted.”

Espen Øino, Designer Exterior

Interior – designed to host personalization 

The custom interior concept has been designed by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, the first collaboration between the Dutch studio and Amels. Sander Sinot and his team have firmly established their reputation at the highest level of yacht design which is truly reflected in the Amels 80. In line with the Amels Limited Editions concept, the architectural basis for the interior has been designed to host a personalised layer of loose furniture and decorative elements. Together with Sinot, the Owner can create an individual design signature, using their own individual artworks and treasured objects to form the basis of their personal home at sea. 

“The Amels 80 marks the first collaboration between Sinot and Amels. A project which provided us with the opportunity to develop something truly unique. You will feel at home from the moment you step on board.”

Paul Costerus, Designer Interior at Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design

Proven performance  

Following in the footsteps of previous Amels Limited Editions designs, the Amels 80 will be built in the Netherlands by Damen Yachting. Our yard’s experienced team, who have already delivered more than 40 Amels Limited Editions and are recognised for their quality and craftsmanship, are excited for a new design which incorporates over a century of yacht- and shipbuilding experience. Generations of learnings, new skills and techniques combined to guarantee proven performance and enable adaption to the ever-changing environment.  

“Every new yacht challenges us to push the limits of our absolute mastery. Decades of Amels pedigree, experience and knowhow have fed the creation of the Amels 80.”

Adriaan Roose, Product Manager Amels.

The launch of the Amels 80 was brought to a close with Rose Damen, Espen Øino and Paul Costerus, Partner at Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, the driving forces behind the Amels 80, taking to the stage to each share their thoughts and vision behind the design. Rose Damen closed the event with her final thoughts on the Amels 80. 

As you can see, nature’s timeless beauty with our hard-earned Amels reputation for quality is the inspiration behind the Amels 80. A yacht what which truly shows that evolution is in our nature. Some of my warmest family memories are those whiles being on the water. My dad took us all over the world, to the most inspiring places. I know that the sea will connect us across generations. Soon I will take my children to explore the oceans. It would be our great honor to build on nature’s timeless beauty to create your personal memories of the sea with your family and friends.” 

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