Build Milestone for the First Amels 80

7 June 2022

The first Amels 80’s build journey is officially underway. On 17 May, the steel cutting of this all new 80-metre Amels Limited Editions took place at Damen Yachting’s hull building location in Galati. A build milestone for this brand-new design which is available for delivery in 2025.

The Amels 80 was introduced earlier this year in an online launch like no other. An event which followed two years of dedicated and rigorous detailed design and engineering by Damen Yachting’s team of naval architects. Romke van der Linde, Project Manager of the first Amels 80 (8001), explains the importance of this key moment for those who have been involved in the project so far. “For all of us at Damen Yachting, the steel cutting of the first Amels 80 is a really significant milestone. It represents the first stage of the build and the start of this new design being transformed into reality. The Amels 80 is a very exciting project to be part of and we are all looking forward to seeing her through the build journey and watch as this new Amels Limited Editions comes to life.”

The Amels 80 continues the new era of Amels Limited Editions designs of which more than 40 have been delivered to date. This new 80-metre, featuring exterior design by Espen Øino, will be built with sustainable materials and leverage the most suitable and innovative hybrid technology available today. She has been engineered with the future in mind and the resulting design is modern and dynamic whilst still retaining the sought-after Amels DNA.

Exterior Designer Espen Øino, “It turned out to be a very holistic design in the sense that everything seems to be right, starting with a very good layout. It’s a very clear and logical GA and I think we’ve managed to somehow reflect that in the exterior design with relatively simple lines. Simplicity in design does stand the test of time well and I like to think that this will be the case here as well.“

The custom interiors for the Amels 80 have been created by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design – a Dutch studio with an established reputation at the highest level of yacht design. They have, in line with the Amels Limited Editions concept, designed the architectural basis for the interior to host a personalised layer of loose furniture and decorative elements. Paul Costerus, Lead Designer Sinot, “It’s a very neutral and natural palette. Materials are treated in such a way that the natural characteristics remain as pure as possible. The style is distinctive and yet still allows plenty of room for Owners to customise and add their personal style.”

The next build milestone on the calendar for the Amels 8001 is the keel laying which is scheduled to take place in September.

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